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The Game

Floor Curling is for Everyone!

Games consist of eight ends that generally last about 45 minutes, but not more than one hour. Each team has four players, one of whom is the skip.

Brooms are not used for sweeping, as wax is applied to the floor, making it very slippery. Pointer sticks are used by the skip as an indicator of where he/she wants the rocks to land.

Players with disabilities may use a ‘delivery stick’ to aid in the delivery of the rock. This is not intended to create an advantage for the player. Instead, the intent is to allow him/her to continue to play the game despite any physical limitations.

The scoreboard for Floor Curling is the same as that used in ice curling.

There are fun tournaments where four people go to other clubs and curl with others, not a set team for example. There are tournaments where the ASCSRA (Alberta Senior Citizens Sport & Recreation Association Rules apply.

Do you need special equipment?

You need a clean pair of shoes so as not to mark up the playing surface. That’s all you need for a great time of fun, exercise and great get-togethers.

Floor Layout

Layout Dimensions
Length36 feet, 1.5 inches
Lane Width8 feet
Playing Surface Width4 feet, 8 inches
Hog Line12 feet, .5 inches from starting line
Playing Edge Line Width1.25 inches, Black
House Circles, Width2.25 inches
House Circles, Distance from outer side of circle to outer side of Playing Edge:
Outer House Circle20.25 inches, Black
Middle House Circle34 inches, Red
Inner House Circle44.75 inches, Black
Lane Lines:
Positionfrom 8” behind playing surface to 3” into playing surface

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